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Transport Manager CPC

Road Haulage CPC Transport Manager course

The Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for Transport Managers in Road Haulage is a special qualification that needs to be held in order for a standard O’License to be granted. Current legislation imposes restrictions on the number of operator licences and vehicles on which an external associate CPC holder can be named.
The CPC is a qualification issued on behalf of all EU National Transport Departments (DFT) in the UK. Everyone standard involved in road transport that operates vehicles for hire and reward MUST demonstrate evidence of professional competence.

This qualification provided by Newcroft Training is for individuals who are, or are aspiring to be, a Transport Manager. Once qualified, you can hold your own operator’s license for yourself or on behalf of another. The qualification itself demonstrates sufficient professional competence which is required to meet the operator licensing elements.

The course is assessed only 4 times a year by examination:-

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

The course is generally 10 days, and conducted over a two week period.

To find out the next dates for the course, please call Newcroft Training on any one of the following

01708 891 111 / 01702 837 280 / 01375 843 687